The lessons I got through Hope and I Dreamer Schools Bbira Buloba by Watoto Ministries and the opportunity to inspire

Aspire to Inspire and Walk the talk

Do something with your life. Nothing says thank you like being a success!

I write this down after a beautifull experience at Hope School and I dreamer Reymar Schools by Watoto Ministries. This invitation came in handy at a time I was reflecting on my journey of salvation and life in Christ and what I have day by day grown to find my heart’s mission shaped by My Spiritual encounters through my pastors and elders of our church, dreams, inspirations; My Heart’s desire to sing, to use my gift to build the kingdom of God; My Abilities shaped by training, experiences, mentors, my teachers; My Personality; The Environment around me now and Busitema, Busia District where my journey began.

Mr. Kiraga Fred(In the middle) and Pr. Bogere Patrick, my Pastor who gave us a warm welcome and orientation. He calls to find out my church and what I do, he checked my website and more for a thoroughly organised and better delivery. I realized they take great care to select who visits the children to teach them. Isn’t that great!

This visit was an awesome experience, I looked at the buildings simply put up to support the needy, the wonderfull staff, these are people with a wonderfull heart to bring change to community as they train a God fearing child who will benefit the community as well as being educated and with practical skills. The mission of the institution greatly inspired me.

Teachers want the best for every student that they teach. When you are successful, they are successful because they know they had some influence on you for at least part of your life or more of their lives.

As for this wonderful institution, the Pastors, Caretakers, Father figures are teachers in the making, I was blessed looking at the big job here. Most teachers(Includes all cartegories) do not receive the admiration and respect that they deserve. Many of them work extremely hard, dedicating their lives to generations. They do not do it for the paycheck nor for the praise. Instead, they teach as they bring change to every child for better generations. They enjoy putting their stamp legacy on a child whom they believe will grow up and make a significant or tremendous difference in the world.

We had a great time praying for the children. Thank you Watoto Ministries.

I learnt beautiful lessons and as I spoke to the students, I literally spoke to myself. A friend, a fan and a mentor to me in the making introduced me to this wonderful institution for she knew my heart was “Aspiring to inspire” and Walk the talk. My first day with the secondary students was so tight as I  literally spoke to a beautiful, warm and lovely group of students who gave me a warm welcome, rapped and danced for me, till it was my turn. It is usually tough meeting a new audience but I learnt even when I was invited to minister, a lot as my heart continues to be stirred up as that of a teacher through my music and that of a student or child who keeps learning.

Meeting the little ones in primary section was an opportunity too, the day my child’s school kept them home as they awaited exams was this very day I got as an opportunity to move along with her, I simply spoke to my very own, they gave me lots of love and smiles and were very active and I loved all the love and dances as I ministered.

As long as there is someone out there blessed by my music, I will give you music that will bless your heart and spirit with a desire that you grow day by day!

Ogenyi Moses Speaking to the Primary Children

“At the heart of every Watoto village is the family structure. Watoto believes that when orphaned and vulnerable children are placed in a loving family environment, with a mother and siblings who love them, the children find a place that they can call home. The villages incorporate outdoor spaces with sports fields and landscaped areas that allow the children to play and develop their social skills.”

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