Still enjoying the warmth the audience gave on the concert!


What an audience of friends and great guests!!!

I am so glad that you attended my concert at Tick Hotel, and it was great to see you again, as it has been a while. I thought you looked absolutely beautiful while I was on stage and you danced very well, very relaxed and totally in command of yourself as a group you gave me energy and hope for another event for I know he who enabled you to support will enable us not to simply BREAK EVEN.

You gave me the impression that you were thoroughly enjoying yourself and happy to be my audience and guests but above all, my friends. Thank you for giving generously!

Maybe it was because it was your show and your music, or because I was your friend, son, and much more but I have never seen you better or enjoyed you more. You were a beautiful audience and friends, so generous.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was so glad you were there. I look forward to more concerts like this one, or anything that the Lord brings forth for good things require a lot of investing, a lot of friends.

Sorry certain things are beyond us, I retired from being general manager and let God. Our machines were prepared except a few mishaps, the artists who came on time despite a few and I wanted them all to sing for I didn’t pay them so I didn’t get on stage earlier, it’s a learning curve!


Am training voice and Songwriting at God’s Love records and churches I have been invited to.

Working with my church

Will be working on several projects;1 Audio at Beats records (Pro. Robby Dobby); 2 trucks from God’s Love Records given freely and 1 to pay video project; A free video-Audio-Song written at TBK Audio; Tebifanana Richie 3 projects at Pure Hearts Records- Maama song, Taata song, A crusade song; Ornyx Felix@ Mubangizi Felix a Video half paid project.

To sing on all your functions, in churches as when invited.

To share videos on YouTube , website and more!

Thank you so much.

Ogenyi Moses’ Awesome audience of friends 2019
Ogenyi Moses’ Audience of friends 2019 even when it got darker
Ogenyi Moses’ concert right before start

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