Special thanks for all who made my Easter Monday 2019 Concert a success

Ogenyi Moses

My dear friends, this includes my church, My family the mumbejja family Martin L Balome Okumu Mark Wan Maloba Meshach Namusoke Josephine MalobaProssy Nageri Balome my friend and wife Prossy G Ogenyi Margret NakalemaVictoriah Ann James Kats Asset and many more in Lugoba, Ogs and Obs, My fans!

You make dreams come true. I haven’t spent long in the music industry(Of course my dream is bigger than music) but I have experienced your love through your genuine gestures spiritually, morally, and more. Your generosity is much appreciated.

You gave what you gave not coz you have much but the generosity at heart.

BGC ELDERSHIP – www.biblegospelministries.org
I thank my Pastors and Elders you are so great, the support you gave me left me humbled. I gave invitations with a desire and heart that wonders how one would make their Pastor pay entrance fee. You really blessed me!

BGC thank you for letting me be part of our change, I learnt and learn a lot from you, your prayers and humble collections gave me the start!

MARRIEDS, Biblegospel Youths, MEN, WOMEN, CELLS
You are awesome!

You are the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End, your Guidance, Provision, Favor, Stamina and more keep me strong and going.

I had made plans but you made your plans fulfilled(My Wife Dreaming the time I was going on stage and people waiting till some left, I dreamt rain in the night and morning, this helped me not spend on tents), I planned a leave, an advance and many sponsors which all failed and I nearly felt like giving up.

This is a Business in “Service/Ministry”, well knowing the greatest reward comes from above, You deserve the best!

Mom Mulungi Betty you called me many times for prayer but I failed you wrestled for me in prayer, Church intercessors, Worship team, Lunch hour Muwanguzi Godfrey Patrick Bogere

After saving something, my family got sick especially when we had practices, till we even went to acute in mulago, many thanks to maama Pascaline Oruya my beloved Mother in law Chris Cwiny Flora Nabayaza thank you too!

All people that promised to support including Kalanda Ronald I know you went through alot, Lawrance Echabu and family loosing beloved ones, Mr. Grace Male and Nanteza Rebecca lossing your jaaja, my beloved sister D’s child put on oxygen support on the D day Ouh my God, through it all!!!!

God be glorified

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