Some buddies of mine invite me to minister at their churches and parties and I gladly Go unless otherwise and will always communicate.

I just wanna share a little of what I think is ideal when you invite any minister to an event(The basics)

1. Make a clear program(The date, what you may expect depending on the occasion.

2. If it is music, help him(Especially if the invitation was at a friendly level) to make sure that when he is called upon, his music or presentation material is just as ready even if they have a manager or team they are working with and notify the master(s) of ceremony. This will help save time when the CD jams, flash jams, hence help you too keep your program as smooth.

3. In case you prepared transport(especially for a minister) feel free to share with him and also freely hand to him the package. Many a times you may ask “the minister’s worth in terms of payment” on the party if they said feel free to provide what you feel then do so! don’t take them for granted. The minister is not worth any amount as you think!

4.Prepare good sound, good and respectable level of atmosphere for good delivery, at times the sound could be good from the minister yet your package is poor.

5. Remember, if you are friends or family, it took art, time, money and a lot more investment for the minister’s work, invite him or speak to him or ask if you need their work/services on your day don’t take them for granted, it looks stupid when they ask, this shows love, support, trust etc. from a friend or family.

5. Keep a friendly level of trust and keep in contact, you may need each other some day remember life flows. It is not just about the ministry, he could be a “doctor” and you may need him in another capacity someday or you could be a minister someday too!

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